August 16


You Are More. Happy 35 to Me. (A Year Later)

You Are MoreI wrote this last year but never published it. Re-read it a year later, and it’s still apropos.

I turned 35 years old last month. I’m a little delayed on blogging about it – but it’s official – I. Feel. Old.

For the most part, yours truly planned on having a little bit more time celebrating the good, bad and the ugly.

See, I had this plan in my head. I thought I’d celebrate with friends volunteering at a local shelter or soup kitchen; that was my plan for the year since 35 is really a big deal. Unfortunately, exhaustion and the long work week didn’t exactly make that possibly (so much for good intentions right?).

I did sort of regret missing out on cupcakes, but oh well.

The usual suspects remembered my birthday (*thank you). There were the few Facebook messages and emails from those who had calendar reminders (I don’t post my birthday online for privacy concerns). My pug-birthday card from my friend, Kelly in Florida came in like clockwork with a funny message. So did my card from my favorite aunt and uncle with the usual words of grace and words to live by. My parents and husband both got the dates mixed up and “celebrated” a day late, but better late than never (I think).

But it’s been a weird sort of year. Probably the hardest thus far, and yet, a year that may turn out to be the best.  The juxtaposition is apparent.

I’d like to have inspiring memes reminding me to “Live Your Life” or “Be True to You” or “Life is a box of chocolates. So kick butt!” (I made that one up) but   in the words of “Tenth Avenue North” (I know, it’s not very original)

You are more than the choices that you’ve made
You are more than the sum of your past mistakes
You are more than the problems you create

It’s incredibly easy to let past choices, actions, mistakes, problems, uncertainty and self-doubt create a cumulative effect on the way you live, think or  or how you think. I know it firsthand. But I try and remind myself time and time again that “I AM MORE” despite it all. And that’s life right?

Happy birthday to my 35-year old self.