Good Writers Write (I’m working on it)


Write About What You’re Passionate About 

That’s what a recent guide book referenced to when I was looking for ways to encourage me to write on a more regular basis. My usual excuses for not writing are usually that I don’t need to write more since I write a great deal for work and I’m lacking the day-to-day resources to set aside to write. But that needs to change.

I need to identify what I’m passionate about. At the very least, I should write about what I know and bring some sense of authority to the message I’m sharing to anyone who cares to read.

Make Writing A Priority.

Writers practice their craft. They also read. Both of which I’m sorely lacking.

Part of my struggle lately is that my writing doesn’t feel polished. It almost feels like random words put together because they sound good, but don’t necessarily reflect quality writing. That’s the unfortunate problem of writing for the same segment audience. There is no breadth and diversity or long-term improvement and creativity.

Good writers write to become better writers. Which means, I have to carve out time in a busy schedule to at least put words to paper or in this case, on my laptop.

Which means, I’ll need to turn off the television, logged off from Facebook, put the phone on silent and spend a solid 30-45 minutes writing when possible. It sounds easy, like dieting (not). Accountability will be a challenge.

Bad writing be damned.

So this will likely be a bad piece of writing since it’s 11:41 p.m. and I’m randomly writing about some long-standing conundrums in my head.  I suppose this is a start, but I’m not quite ready to share my pieces with anyone yet.